Careers at APROVIS

Careers at APROVIS

Challenges and opportunities

At APROVIS, you can expect a variety of interesting tasks that cover a wide range of different fields. including engineering and design, IT, sales, logistics or even commercial activities. Find the perfect personal challenge that will help you advance your professional career with us. APROVIS also has exciting development opportunities and topics for trainees and students.

We take gender diversity very seriously at APROVIS. All of the career paths listed here can be filled equally by employees who identify as male, female or third gender (m/f/x).

Maintenance and Service

As a service technician, you’ll make sure that plant systems are working properly and delivering efficient results. Maintaining and servicing our plants is a responsible job that you’ll approach confidently and gladly. Your strengths include the ability to confidently prepare inspections and analyses and to respond rapidly in non-routine situations. Direct contact with customers will be another important aspect of your work, and you’ll also be able to cultivate relationships at APROVIS during exciting field assignments worldwide. If this description sounds like a fab fit for you, then APROVIS will be a wonderful workplace.


The world’s your oyster as an APROVIS commissioning engineer. You’ll commission plants and provide comprehensive on-site project support, including complete coordination with Technical Customer Service team and Organisation for maintenance and repair. APROVIS looks after tens of thousands of plants around the globe, and new ones are constantly being added. So the potential applications and locations are as varied as they are diverse. If you like to work independently and under your own responsibility, and would like to combine travel with your job, you’ll be made very welcome in the APROVIS team.

Electrical Engineering

At APROVIS, you can expect a very diverse range of tasks as an electrical engineer. You’ll provide project and customer support from the planning stage to commissioning. Electrical engineers are the go-to experts when it comes to the electrical technology systems within our plants. They create circuit diagrams, documents and programs. If you have questions relating to process engineering, standards or programming, specialised colleagues will be on hand to help at all times. Dynamic market trends also means that things are continually moving within electrical engineering. APROVIS is the perfect place to stay up-to-date at all times.

Project Planning and Sales

As a project / sales engineer at APROVIS, you’ll be enthusiastic about our concepts and system solutions. You’ll confidently provide existing customer care and be capable of winning over new customers with your passion for APROVIS products. You’ll optimise and monitor processes and work with the customer in mind. You’ll bring with you your professional expertise obtained through your studies in mechanical engineering, process engineering, environmental technology or industrial engineering. You’ll have negotiating skills and be open to other cultures. APROVIS offers you lots of freedom to live up to your career potential.


As a design engineer at APROVIS, you’ll make extensive use of your technical expertise. You’ll plan, develop and work out complex solutions that you’ll lead to realisation together with colleagues, customers and manufacturers. You’ll create technical drawings and be a confident user of CAD programs. You’ll be a team player and enthusiastic about the design process as a whole. You’ll attach a great deal of importance to exchanging content with other departments so you ultimately achieve the very best result. APROVIS offers you an excellent platform to do exactly that.

Order Logistics

At APROVIS, as an order logistics specialist, you’ll be a key contact for numerous departments. You’ll communicate with Sales, Design, Production, forwarding companies and our customers around the world. As an important interface, you’ll bring together everyone’s interests to develop the ideal transport solutions and logistics concepts. You’ll deal with guidelines and complaints with the same professional mindset and be interested in environmental technology. If coordinating and organising for an innovative technology company appeals to you, then come to APROVIS.


IT specialists have several options at APROVIS to turn their ideal career into a reality. As a systems administrator and IT specialist, you’ll build network structures and develop IT processes. If any colleagues have technical questions, you’ll be a reliable contact for them and keep your professional knowledge up-to-date. Further career opportunities are offered by IT application development and the field of IT infrastructure. Dealing with the latest technologies, programming languages and data security will be part and parcel of your day-to-day routine. If you’d like to work in a support-oriented environment, come to APROVIS.

Research & Development

Research & Development plays a fundamental role at APROVIS. It aims to drive innovation and also to optimise existing concepts. By having our very own test rigs and maintaining cooperative relationships with universities, we are constantly keeping abreast of technological progress. Here, too, our goal is to achieve BETTER PERFORMANCE. As part of the Research & Development team, you will actively shape the development of forward-looking projects at APROVIS – from the theoretical concept, to implementing individual components or system solutions.

Accounting / Bookkeeping

How economically a company operates naturally depends on concrete figures too. In APROVIS’s Accounting Department, you’ll have an overview of all the processes that are important for accounting. You’ll make bookings, be responsible for dunning and assist with processing all the necessary monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements. Business management evaluations and statistics form the foundation of successful financial planning for the financial years to come. These high-responsibility tasks await you in a motivated team at APROVIS.


Teamwork is part and parcel of APROVIS’s corporate culture. Joint goal-setting and shared achievements are what motivate us – as individuals and as an entire group. As a team leader, you’ll know how to inspire and encourage employees and build a sense of community. Your skills will also lie in supporting communication within the team and positively shaping dialogue – both internally with colleagues and externally with customers and business partners. You will represent both yourself and your team as a strong unit and an integral part of APROVIS.


Training future specialists is a matter close to APROVIS’s heart. We offer a wide range of jobs, including posts like industrial clerk, electronics engineer for automation technology, technical product designer for mechanical and plant engineering, and IT specialist. At APROVIS, you’ll be accompanied by training officers from your first day until your final examination. We encourage trainees and entrust them with high-responsibility tasks at APROVIS. Why? Because we believe in their potential. Because every single trainee is an individual in their own right.


For students, APROVIS offers a variety of paths and exciting topics that are specifically tailored to the needs of young academics. APROVIS offers practical semester-long placements (usually lasting two to three months) and supervision of Bachelor’s or Master’s theses too. Graduates in the fields of process engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, environmental technology, energy technology and electrical engineering can expect an interesting start to their career at APROVIS that’ll be characterised by sound introductory training. At APROVIS, we take our time to ensure you get off to a superb start in our company.

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