FAQs about the application process

FAQs – frequently asked questions regarding applying to APROVIS

How can I apply for a job at APROVIS?

Please send your application electronically to career@aprovis.com or by post to:

APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH
Ornbauer Str. 10
91746 Weidenbach

What documents should I include in my application portfolio?

Your complete application should include a cover letter, your CV in table format and relevant references (training certificates and employment references).
Write to us and tell us why you’d like to work with APROVIS and why you’re interested in your chosen position.

What is the maximum data attachment size (for my CV, references, etc.)?

The maximum file size is 20 MB.

How is the application process structured?

We’ll send you confirmation once we’ve received your application. We will then check whether the position meets both your and our expectations and which team would be a suitable fit. We will contact you after about 14 days. If we like your application, we’ll invite you to a first interview and then to a second one if both parties are interested.

Why does it take about 14 days for APROVIS to send me a reply?

We take the time to individually review your application. We firmly believe that you should feel comfortable with the remit and within the team too. After all, we’d like our cooperative relationship to be a positive and long-lasting one.

Should I add a photo to my application?

You are not obliged to add a photo according to the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). We’d still be happy to receive your application if it contained a photo, though.

Would it be possible to hold the interview digitally – by video call, for example?

In the first interview, we’ll get to know one another over a video call. The second interview will be face-to-face at the APROVIS headquarters so we can get to know one another better. We comply with all the current hygiene regulations in place.

What is important for the first interview?

Tell us who you are, what you like doing and what is important to you. What are your goals, and why would you like to join the APROVIS team? Be true to yourself and have confidence in your ability.

Who will be interviewing me?

The interview will be conducted with the Head of HR and the relevant team leader.

How long will an interview last?

Please allow about an hour for the interview.

Are travel expenses for an interview reimbursed?

We’re more than happy to pay your travel expenses to attend an interview with us. Please calculate your mileage if you travel by car. If you travel by train, please submit the original copy of your train ticket (second class).

Can I submit a speculative application?

We’re always open to receiving motivated speculative applications. If you can’t see a position advertised that’d suit you, feel free to inspire us with your ideas and visions.

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