APROVIS designed an entire exhaust gas section for a metal company’s combined heat and power plant. The plant consists of four engines with an electrical output of 4.5 MW each.

The exhaust gas system includes

  • Oxidation catalyst
  • Silencer
  • Steam generator incl. economiser
  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • Piping

The oxidation catalyst reduces the engines’ pollutant emissions, the steam generator with economiser produces saturated steam from the hot exhaust gases, the exhaust gas heat exchanger produces hot water using the hot exhaust gas, and the silencer minimises the noise emissions.

The result

Our exhaust gas system can recover 7.8 MW of thermal energy from the exhaust gas produced by the four gas engines. The steam generators produce 9.2 t/h of saturated steam at 12 baro, which is used for production within the metal company. The hot exhaust gas is still hot enough so the exhaust gas heat exchanger can be connected downstream to produce 90°C hot water. Consequently, the combined heat and power plant is operated at maximum efficiency under the specified conditions.

Our made-to-measure solution

The project was implemented with two dual steam generators for four engines. Each engine has its own exhaust gas section, so an engine can easily be shut down for the likes of maintenance. This design saves on additional installation space and cuts the investment costs.

The entire exhaust gas system was individually assembled and all the components were coordinated to one another. The following requirements are therefore met:

  • The exhaust system corresponds to the space conditions on site
  • The exhaust gas back pressure is optimally distributed to the individual components
  • Investment and operating costs are minimised
  • The plant’s service life is maximised

The advantages of this project

Operation of the plant can be fully automated thanks to the two steam generators’ safety equipment and their controller. This ensures maximum operational reliability and lower staffing costs.

The regulations for on-site combined heat and power plants stipulate that carbon monoxide emissions in the exhaust gas must not exceed 300 mg/Nm3 at 5% oxygen. The engine’s exhaust gas sound pressure level must not exceed 85 dB(A) 1 m from the stack. These requirements were met by integrating an oxidation catalytic converter and a silencer.

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