A milk processing establishment in Uruguay produces 20,000 tonnes of milk powder each year. The milk for this is supplied by more than 13,000 dairy cows kept right next to the dairy. The company is one of the largest in the country.

The steam for milk powder production is supplied by a direct-fired steam boiler. APROVIS kitted the company out with several biogas treatment components to make the production process more environmentally friendly. The solution consists of a FriCon system and a FriConAIR system for gas cooling and dehumidification, plus two ActiCo-Pro activated carbon filters for gas purification with an integrated compressor station.

The result

The biogas, which comes from the biogas plant operated with liquid manure, is processed, mixed with natural gas and used to fire the steam boiler. The combination of a FriCon system and a FriConAIR system makes for a highly efficient gas treatment process. Careful gas purification by the ActiCo-Pro reduces pollutant emissions, optimises the combustion process and protects downstream plant components from corrosion.

Our made-to-measure solution

The gas treatment components include gas cooling by a FriCon system and a FriConAIR system, a gas heater and two ActiCo-Pro activated carbon containers with cross piping and a compressor station. This consists of four compressors, one of which was planned as a redundancy measure. In this application, there is a gas burner rather than a CHP unit engine behind the system.

The advantages of this project

FriCon systems cool and dehumidify the process gases, while the ActiCo-Pro activated carbon filters reliably remove pollutants from them. This means the treated biogas can be put to further use in the direct-fired steam boiler in the best possible way. A significant detail of this solution is the link between a FriCon system and a FriConAIR system. This specifically coordinated system architecture saves a considerable amount of energy.

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