Prompt implementation

As it runs over 15 production sites, APROVIS covers a broad base and thus achieves superbly swift delivery times starting from just two weeks. Our expertise lies in the fact that we offer individual consultation and handling for each and every project. A comprehensive network of suppliers and cooperation partners and our employees’ outstanding commitment form the foundation of our ability to implement any individual structure required in the shortest time.


Less noise due to silencers

APROVIS reduces sound emissions to the required value, covering all frequency ranges while doing so. Flow noise, structure-borne noise or standing waves don’t pose any problems for us either. We conduct sound measurements on site and work with our proprietary calculation software that’s perfectly matched to our products’ performance.


Many years of know-how

As a medium-sized company, APROVIS has been operating successfully on both the national and the international market for over two decades. Our customer base includes all the major CHP unit manufacturers. Since it was established in the year 2000, APROVIS has supplied tens of thousands of systems and pieces of equipment for gas and exhaust gas solutions in more than 70 countries.


Improved air quality due to catalytic converters

APROVIS’s catalytic converters are highly efficient in reducing pollutant emissions. Especially with SCR catalytic converters, we achieve high conversion rates over the entire operating period, with minimal use of urea. Relevant data is collected and stored to ensure a smooth process. APROVIS turns customised designs that meet local requirements into a reality and optimises the exhaust gas section.


Modular system concepts

APROVIS is a leading system solutions expert. We develop innovative technologies for combined heat and power plants and biogas treatment plants. Our approach is holistic; we don’t just focus on individual components. We optimise entire process cycles by offering an ideally coordinated solution for the system in question. And it’s this approach that sets APROVIS apart.



Constant, expert support

APROVIS stands for certified quality. We work strictly according to the specifications set out in the applicable directives and test standards, such as the European Pressure Equipment Directive, the ASME Code or the EAC. APROVIS guarantees a long service life on the systems and devices thanks to sound maintenance services and strict servicing. This also includes our systematic spare parts management, which rapidly responds to and solves tasks in a targeted fashion as required.


Reliable partnership

Good relationships are always based on good communication. APROVIS remains your direct contact – from the time you start planning your solution, to later on when you need support for your running plants. If you have any questions, our employees would be delighted to help you at any time – and in over 12 languages to boot.

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Powerful exhaust gas systems

APROVIS generates more energy from process cycles in combined heat and power plants – that’s where our core capability lies. We focus on profitable heat extraction – which is efficient and economical for our customers and kind to the environment. Digital control during commissioning and digital remote access to systems cuts costs, saves time and thus conserves valuable energy.


Open to the future

APROVIS is the market’s technology leader. Why? Because we’re continually further developing ourselves. This is demonstrated not only by the fact that the company has its very own Research and Development Department, but also by its in-house combined heat and power plant that’s used as a test rig for the entire exhaust gas section’s components. If we reach the limits of common rules and regulations, we work with simulations to find new and better ways. The pursuit of innovative solutions is what drives APROVIS.

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