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SCR system
SCR system

The term selective catalytic reduction, or SCR for short, refers to the removal of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from exhaust gases using a reducing agent.
Besides the catalyst, which is located in the reactor housing, equipment for dosing the reducing agent in the exhaust gas duct is required as well as optimum mixing with the exhaust gas.

APROVIS Controlling System (ACS)
APROVIS Controlling System (ACS)

The APROVIS Controlling System (ACS) also ensures that the amount of the reducing agent is not excessive, as this can cause ammonia slip.

If the catalyst system is to enjoy a long service life, factors such as operating parameters and exhaust gas temperature are decisive. In this respect, APROVIS puts all its expertise at your service in order to either adapt the catalyst structure or to set the appropriate exhaust gas temperature for the catalyst using exhaust gas heat exchangers.

Besides reducing nitrogen oxides, it is usually also necessary to reduce carbon monoxide and/or formaldehyde. It therefore makes sense to integrate the oxidation catalyst directly into the reactor housing.

By consistently optimising and fine-tuning the individual components with one another and, if required, with other components of the exhaust gas duct such as silencers and heat recovery systems, you build your system to suit your requirements.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on operational safety to ensure that the SCR system runs economically and has minimum impact on the environment. The system can therefore be accessed remotely in order to monitor and set its operating parameters.
APROVIS service technicians also ensure the reliable operation of your system throughout its entire service life even after it has been put into service.


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