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Oxidation and 3-way catalysts

Our catalytic converters are designed specifically for the respective application. We focus on compliance with the emission limits over the entire warranty period and on ensuring that the resistance to sulphur fraction is in accordance with the operating conditions.

To withstand the high thermal and mechanical stress, brazed catalyst substrate is used. This prevents destructive telescoping.

Catalytic converter in detail

Standardised sizes and huge stock ensure short delivery times.

Installation options

Several catalytic converters

Installation in the inlet chamber of an exhaust gas heat exchanger has proven to be successful in reducing CO and formaldehyde emissions for oxidation catalytic converters. This means that an additional housing is no longer required and the catalytic converter can be replaced quickly.

If the lack of space or exhaust gas routing prevents installation in the exhaust gas heat exchanger, the use of a housing with a quick-change opening has the advantage of making it easier to service and cheaper to run.

For three-way catalytic converters that depend on absolute gas tightness, installation between two flanges is a simple and reliable solution. If the catalytic converters are in operation, you can count on APROVIS for assistance.

Catalyst cleaning can increase the service life. APROVIS also offers an innovative recycling package for catalytic converters, allowing you to still earn money with your used catalytic converters.

APROVIS staff installing a catalytic converter

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