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23. April 2020

APROVIS. A reliable partner for compliance with current and future emission limits

With the implementation of Directive (EU) 2015/2193 into national regulations (in Germany the 44th BImSchV), the limit values for nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide will be further reduced in several steps. This affects both new and existing plants. In most cases, compliance with the NOx limits for new plants can only be achieved with an SCR catalytic converter.

Here APROVIS has been a reliable partner in the design, manufacture and commissioning of SCR plants for years. In addition, the SCR catalytic converter at APROVIS is optimally matched to the other components of the exhaust gas system in order to achieve the best possible solution for the entire plant, both technically and economically.

Numerous customers in Germany, as well as worldwide, have long relied on the competence, experience and reliability of APROVIS. APROVIS has its own maintenance and service team to ensure the trouble-free operation of SCR plants.

Regular maintenance ensures safe operation and, in an emergency, a quick restart of the plant.

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