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30. June 2020

Handover in the management of APROVIS

Handover in the management: Steffen Hauff, Henning Adelt, Markus Heusch

Dr. Steffen Hauff, founder, main shareholder and managing director of APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH is leaving the APROVIS management board on 30.06.2020 after 20 years. He is handing over the baton to his two fellow managing directors and co-partners Dr. Markus Heusch and Henning Adelt. Dr. Markus Heusch has been with APROVIS for 17 years and has been Managing Director since 2011. Henning Adelt has been with APROVIS for 15 years and has been Managing Director since 2018. Dr. Steffen Hauff will continue to support APROVIS in the future and advise the managing directors in their decisions.

This transition was prepared by Dr. Steffen Hauff and management on a long-term basis and was already communicated to the employees in January of this year. This change expresses continuity and change at APROVIS: Continuity through managing directors who have long been associated with APROVIS and the market environment; change in the retirement of the founder from the management in a well prepared process. Dr. Steffen Hauff quoted the Greek philosopher Heraclitus in front of the employees: "The only constant is change".

APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH was founded in Weidenbach in 2000 and has developed into a major player in its market segments over the past 20 years. APROVIS stands for solid growth with an export share of more than 60 %. The company focuses on complete solutions for the exhaust gas line of combined heat and power plants as well as the individual components and the gas treatment of special gases such as biogas and sewage gas. Here APROVIS and its employees are working to reduce CO2 emissions in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Today, 175 employees - including 10 trainees - work at APROVIS with headquarters in Weidenbach/Triesdorf and sales offices in Garching/Munich and Yogyakarta/Indonesia. The central foundations of the success are enthusiastic employees, the focus on the needs of the customers and thus the willingness to change and constantly develop further.

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