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In the age of industry 4.0

In the age of industry 4.0, remote access of plants is becoming more and more important, both for APROVIS and for the customer. For this reason, APROVIS usually offers a modem built into the control box as well as an app developed for customers.
The modem allows our experts in the office to access the controller via a secure VPN connection.
This makes it possible to evaluate current values for analysis, to make software modifications or program backups, as well as to update the PLC program and the touch panel visualization at the customer's request - as if we were directly on side.
This guarantees quick support without having to make an appointment on site. Furthermore, this not only saves resources and costs, but also the otherwise necessary travel times.
Similarly, the app enables the customer to access his own system via a smartphone or tablet from remote.
With the help of the app, current operating values can be displayed and an immediate overview of the plant is possible.

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