APROVIS silencers

Optimum sound attenuation with a compact design

APROVIS makes silencers for stationary engines that cover the entire spectrum from low to high frequency ranges. The engine’s frequency band, the required target levels and the possible pressure drop are taken into account to reduce sound emissions. As a system solutions specialist, APROVIS attaches a great deal of importance to cost-saving designs for silencers that take up as little installation space as possible. APROVIS offers silencers featuring a standard design for selected engines; often, the silencers are optimised for your specific project. This ensures simple and affordable integration in the exhaust gas system for you.

What you can expect from APROVIS silencers:

  • Standard versions for selected engines
  • Individual design and construction for every application
  • Assured sound reduction even with high requirements
  • Cost- and installation space-optimised design that makes use of the pressure drop

Reduce sound emissions in a targeted manner

APROVIS covers the entire sound spectrum with its silencers. As the most common design, reflective silencers are mainly effective at low and medium frequencies. In the existing chambers, the sound waves cancel each other out through cross-sectional jumps and multiple reflections, whereby most of the sound energy is dissipated.
Absorption silencers are designed for medium and high frequencies. The sound is absorbed here by sound-absorbing material. APROVIS offers a combination of both silencer models to cover a comprehensive frequency spectrum.

Applications for APROVIS silencers

  • Reflective silencers for the low and medium frequency range
  • Absorption silencers for the medium and high frequency range
  • Combination of reflective and absorption silencers as a universal acoustic solution

Catalytic converters extend silencers’ range of services

A silencer with integrated catalytic converter elements is a convincing compact acoustic concept that can be used in an extremely space-saving manner. A flexible inspection opening ensures access to the catalytic converter.

Additional highlights and offers for silencers from APROVIS:

  • Selection of the adequate material according to customer requirements and the conditions of use
  • Sound measurements on site

Silencers combined with supplementary components

When combined with other products such as exhaust gas heat exchangers, steam generators or catalytic converters, the exhaust gas section can be individually optimised. APROVIS provides all the components and the know-how as an industry expert to help you cut project-related costs and save installation space.

What are your requirements?

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