Industrial waste heat

Industrial waste heat

Energy source of the future

Waste heat is generated during production processes and, far too often, remains unused.

This energy source harbours high potential on several levels:

  • Reduced energy demand and lower energy costs for the operator
  • Improved plant productivity
  • Less of an impact on the environment
  • Greater independence from an external energy supply
  • Less expenditure on heating and recooling systems with permanent and reliable use of waste heat
  • Since requirements are on the rise due to climate protection, the plant operator works economically at the same time as staying competitive on the international market

APROVIS concentrates on the field of industrial waste heat (up to approx. 1,000°C). This primarily concerns gaseous media generated by combustion processes.

Another criterion is often the size of the waste heat flows, related to industries (e.g. metal production, food industry) or processes (e.g. drying or combustion processes). The form of the carrier medium also plays a role here. Waste heat is more difficult to use with predominantly abrasive materials.

Generating energy from waste heat

Waste heat can be integrated into processes and plants, passed on to third parties or converted into other forms of useful energy. With APROVIS, heat utilisation takes place using heat exchangers. Additional options include temperature increases using heat pumps, cold generation by chillers, power generation by steam processes and power generation by ORC plants.

What media contain the waste heat?

They are usually liquid or gaseous media, such as exhaust gases or exhaust air.

What form of waste heat is there?

Distinctions are made between waste heat’s different temperature levels:

  • Low-temperature waste heat (below 150°C)
  • Mid-temperature waste heat (150 – 500°C)
  • High-temperature waste heat (over 500°C)


One of APROVIS’s areas of expertise is designing and building heat exchangers. In this respect, we also operate outwith standards. Whether heat exchangers are for new systems or upgrades, they are always designed and manufactured in a customised manner.

The services we offer you:

  • Commissioning (also online)
  • Operator training (also online)
  • Plant maintenance and servicing

Technological know-how

Build on our many years of experience as an innovative company. APROVIS has its own Development Department. We operate test facilities and carry out simulations and measurements on site.

What are your requirements?

Talk to our competent contacts and discover the advantages and possibilities for your application. We analyse, advise and supply swift and suitable solutions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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