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We build coordinated systems from individual components


APROVIS’s strength lies in the fact that it generates system solutions. We view the exhaust gas section and gas treatment as complex energy cycles where every detail and every process step is important. We operate in a market that is placing ever-greater demands on us in terms of noise and pollutant emissions. The best way to meet these requirements is to think big – and combine individual components to create an effective system.
APROVIS offers all of its products developed in-house for this very purpose. We are your planner, developer, manufacturer and contact throughout your plant’s entire operating life. At APROVIS, everything comes from a single source.


Customer-friendly operation

APROVIS makes it easy for you to control extensive and highly complex plants and to keep an eye on them at all times. What is the plant’s status? How do I get my hands on past operating data to identify trends? Retrieving and visualising information is an absolute breeze using a touch panel. APROVIS has its own E-Technology Department and uses its very own proprietary software that can be adjusted depending on customer requirements. The digital controller makes problem-free remote plant access an absolute doddle. This allows you to adjust parameters or commission entire systems. You can either do so online or deploy on-site technicians that work for APROVIS worldwide.


Implementing changes – the flexible way

Changing requirements or expectations often go hand in hand with plant upgrades. They are always individual adaptations. How much installation space is available? Implementation is often very complex for plants with little space. Has a certain amount of space already been set aside for this during the planning stage? Then upgrades are easier to implement. The plant’s relevant structural situation usually requires a custom-made solution. For these tasks, APROVIS works with a 3D scanner that can capture an entire room in a very short time. The data is transferred to a CAD system to create the exact components that are ideally suited to the upgrade in question. Allow us to explain the approach using SCR catalytic converters as an example. APROVIS also retrofits all the other components from the exhaust gas chain. Contact us.


Due to the Forty-Fourth Ordinance for the Implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act (44. BlmSchV), it is mainly the SCR catalytic converter that will be affected by upgrades over the next few years. Upgrading SCR catalytic converter systems involves both the SCR catalytic converter and the implementation of integrated components such as silencers or exhaust gas heat exchangers. During this process, it is crucial to maintain all the existing functions without the back pressure in the exhaust gas system exceeding predefined values. In other words, noise reduction, the reduction of the CO and formaldehyde content in the exhaust gas and the use of the exhaust gas heat remain unaffected by the retrofit. So an extremely well thought-out concept is required to install the SCR catalytic converter system in the non-expandable area between the engine and the stack. 

In addition to this integration in the existing exhaust gas system, there are other important points to consider:

  • Electrotechnical integration and signal exchange between the SCR controller and the higher-level plant controller
  • Integration in an existing BUS system
  • Provision of urea
  • Accessibility for maintenance and servicing work
  • Defining the contribution period and considering any further adjustments to the plant

Sound specialist knowledge

In any case, such demanding upgrades require specialists who are well-informed on process engineering and design matters and who are proficient with all components for exhaust gas aftertreatment for stationary gas engines – from manufacturing to commissioning. That’s what APROVIS offers.


APROVIS sees itself as a technology leader in the field of waste gas utilisation and emission reduction in both combined heat and power plants and gas treatment operations. We have our own Research and Development Department, made up of a large team of multidisciplinary specialists.

These experts are intensely involved with topics such as

  • Heat transfer
  • Sound
  • Catalytic converters
  • Process engineering and gas treatment
  • Welding and production technology

We cooperate with higher education establishments and get involved in research projects to continually improve ourselves. Innovations at APROVIS stand on a firm foundation:

  • Our very own combined heat and power plant test rig
  • Our very own research lab
  • Our very own CFD and FEM simulations

Whether you’re looking for an associate to assist with standard applications or for challenging projects – APROVIS is always the perfect partner.

What are your requirements?

Talk to our competent contacts and discover the advantages and possibilities for your application. We analyse, advise and supply swift and suitable solutions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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