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ACS – APROVIS Controlling System

We have called on the experience gained in hundreds of steam generator projects for the further development of the APROVIS Controlling System (ACS), which is now available in the latest generation.

ACS – APROVIS Controlling System

Communication and interfaces

The open interfaces of the control system and ControlPanel permit communication with higher-level control centres via ProfiBUS DP or Ethernet IP, for example. For fast fault diagnosis in the event of a malfunction, you can also fit the ACS control system with a GSM, analogue or ISDN modem. Furthermore, you can transfer data directly at the ControlPanel using a USB stick. The data collected from this can be quickly converted into meaningful diagrams.

Menu language

The latest ACS generation attaches great importance to the menu language: Five languages are available as standard. Other menu languages can be supplied upon request.

Menu language


Reliable operational safety is ensured by setting up different user levels. A limit value is stored for every safety-relevant parameter to prevent operators from entering data incorrectly.

The ACS features a clear and logical operating and fault message management system. The operating notifications are grouped into colour-coded malfunctions, warnings and messages. A date/time stamp tells the operator when a malfunction took place and when it was corrected and acknowledged.


All important operating states such as boiler pressure are recorded as individual trends and stored for several months at a time. The ControlPanel is equipped with a ring buffer that overwrites the oldest data first when the storage capacity limit is reached. Memory extension is possible using a standard USB stick. When an external memory source is connected, the data is transferred automatically and the internal memory cleared in the process.


Operating control system

Control is possible in automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode, the control processes are handled by the control system, which prevents the occurrence of critical operating states. In manual mode, the control system allows the operator to control all valves, exhaust gas dampers etc. by hand, if necessary.

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