APROVIS installed six exhaust gas heat exchangers and three SCR catalytic converter systems for a gas-fired power plant in Eastern Europe with a capacity of 28 MW. The power plant runs with three gas engines that have an output of 9.4 MWel each. The exhaust gas heat exchangers are used to generate hot water for the regional district heating network, while the three SCR catalytic converters reduce exhaust gas emissions.

The result

The total thermal heat extraction amounts to 14 MW. The three catalytic converters reduce the levels of nitrogen oxides (NOX) and carbon monoxide (CO) in the exhaust gas and meet strict local emissions regulations.

Our made-to-measure solution

APROVIS used a two-stage exhaust gas heat exchanger unit for the district heating network – one for each engine with one high-temperature stage and one low-temperature stage. The SCR catalytic converters reduce the proportion of nitrogen oxides to < 200 mg/Nm3 and the proportion of carbon monoxide to < 267 mg/Nm3, each in relation to 5% oxygen. The NOX values are measured continuously at the SCR catalytic converter’s outlet. Urea injection is regulated based on these measured values, resulting in minimum consumption and low operating costs. The exhaust gas mass flow per engine is 50,400 kg/h.

The advantages of this project

Despite the many challenges thrown up due to the coronavirus crisis, APROVIS managed to implement this complex order on schedule by working in close cooperation with the customer. Following commissioning by our APROVIS service technicians, the performance test was successfully carried out and the plant was handed over. The three SCR catalytic converters for engines in the 10 MW class ensure lower emissions, which benefits the local environment.

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