APROVIS exhaust gas technology

APROVIS exhaust gas technology

APROVIS exhaust gas heat exchangers

Peak performance for efficient use of waste heat

The cheapest energy is energy that is only captured in existing systems to make it usable, instead of having to produce it afresh elsewhere.

APROVIS steam generators

Effective exhaust gas utilisation with smart control

Steam generators from APROVIS use the energy from combined heat and power plants’ exhaust gas to generate steam. As
steam generator systems, they are energy efficient in operation and can be put to universal use.

APROVIS silencers

Optimum sound insulation with a compact design

APROVIS makes silencers for stationary engines that cover the entire spectrum from low to high frequency ranges.

APROVIS oxidation and three-way catalytic converters

From exhaust gas to low-pollution air

When engines burn fuels, pollutants are formed in the exhaust gas. The catalytic converters from APROVIS take on the important task of significantly reducing the emission of such pollutants.

APROVIS SCR catalytic converters

Systematic reduction in pollutant levels

SCR catalytic converters perform the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOₓ) from exhaust gases with the help of a reducing agent.

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