Exhaust gas systems

Exhaust gas systems

Bundling functions, optimising performance

APROVIS designs the exhaust gas section individually to suit the customer’s requirements, such as the available installation space or the maximum required output. Since plant efficiency expectations are constantly increasing, our focus is on optimally coordinating the individual components. After all, the best solution in technical and economic terms can only be achieved by making sensible use of the pressure drop on the exhaust gas side. APROVIS combines the individual components to form a comprehensive system within the exhaust gas section. In detail, this means that: Silencers and SCR catalytic converters are combined so the noise and emission limits are met even in a reduced installation space. This is naturally done in conjunction with waste heat recovery.

From the individual component to the system – the advantages are as follows:

  • The engine manufacturer’s requirements are met
  • Legal requirements are complied with
  • The exhaust gas system is adapted to the room conditions
  • The efficiency of the components in the exhaust gas section is optimally designed
  • Investment and operating costs are minimised
  • The plant’s service life is maximised

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