Combined heat and power plants

Combined heat and power plants

Energy recovery – the modular way

Combined heat and power (CHP) plants have become an indispensable part of decentralised electricity and heat generation. The flexible and fast availability of stationary engines can stabilise and specifically compensate for fluctuating loads in the electricity grid, such as those caused by wind or photovoltaic systems. This makes this technology particularly valuable. As a recognised supplier of components for the exhaust gas section of combined heat and power plants, APROVIS specialised in this field more than two decades ago.

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Combined heat and power plants enable decentralised electricity generation, which means that increased demand for electricity generation from renewable energies can be well met in the future. Since waste gas is used for energy purposes in these combined heat and power (CHP) plants, a high level of overall efficiency in the range of 90% can be achieved. This forms the foundation of economic and reliable operation of combined heat and power plants in the long term. APROVIS is an expert in the entire exhaust gas section, supplying all the products from its very own in-house development and certified production operations.

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